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Managed IT Services Melbourne

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Unlimited Managed IT Support at a Fixed Monthly Investment

We provide a fixed fee managed IT support Melbourne businesses can rely on. Windstil will solve your business IT headaches, once and for all.

Billed at a surprise-free monthly cost, you won’t need to think about your IT systems, because our team will take care of the details for you.

We create a plan that covers everything your business needs – with absolute clarity about what is provided.

As a trusted partner to many Australian businesses, you can rely on our delivery of quality end-to-end solutions and highly transparent SLAs. We’ve been around for a long time and deeply understand technology and the needs of SMBs and SMEs. Every solution we provide is designed to drive your business forward. Our team is highly skilled and reliable, prioritising customer happiness and first-call resolutions.

What Do You Get Access To?

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IT Support Services in Melbourne

Our Managed IT Services


Dedicated Team

Dedicated Managed IT Support

Our dedicated team provides Managed IT Support for every aspect of your IT infrastructure. Our support team are highly responsive, and we always aim for first-call resolution.


Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services Support

We provide a comprehensive range of Managed Cloud Services and ongoing support to ensure that your cloud software is always maintained at optimal levels.


Business Protection

Managed Cyber Security

Protect your business from cyber attacks, data loss and breaches. We have a full range of cyber security managed support packages to meet the unique challenges of your business.


Business Continuity

Managed Backup & Recovery

We’ll ensure you have the right tools to protect your data, ensuring business continuity if you need to recover lost, stolen or damaged data.


Software Management

Microsoft 365 & Azure

As Microsoft Silver Partners, we are highly skilled at managing your M365 & Azure, ensuring your team gets the best out of everything it offers.


Access Control

Remote Support

We often won’t need to attend in-house to provide managed support for your business, offering remote support and access to ensure a highly effective support turnaround.

What are the benefits of having managed IT support to service your IT infrastructure?


Secure Systems

Having security built into your network and regular monitoring of threats is an absolute must in this era. A Managed IT provider will ensure that you have the right system and information security measures in place and can respond quickly to any potential breaches.


Maximum Uptime

No one likes it when the internet drops or slows to a halt. Working with an IT team will ensure that your connectivity meets your workload, which means that your team will have the consistent speeds they need to work efficiently and productively.



Whether you need to meet and retain Essential 8 frameworks, industry-specific standards or company guidelines, an IT team will work with you to meet and uphold all necessary requirements


Efficiency & Productivity

The more complex your IT systems are, the more you will benefit from the specialised expertise managed IT services providers can offer. Having a responsive service desk alone can save your company hours.

Why Windstil?

Partner with a Trusted Managed IT Services Company in Melbourne

By working with Windstil, you’ll have complete peace of mind that your IT is taken care of.

No matter your requirements, you can rely on us to provide a level of support that meets your business needs.

Managed IT Services Melbourne

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Your Essential Guide To Staying Safe Online

Protecting your data and identity online is of utmost importance in our connected world. Significantly reduce your vulnerability to cyber security threats with our eGuide.

How can a managed IT service help my business?

Predictable IT costs. Support when you need it. One less thing to worry about.
That’s just the beginning. There are lots of benefits to having a Managed IT service provider, including:

  • Increased Productivity: When your IT systems are running at optimal levels, and you have support on hand when needed, your team can do their work efficiently and stay productive.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity: We offer advanced security inclusions such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and threat detection systems. With our comprehensive monitoring, employee awareness training and vulnerability testing you can stay ahead of incoming threats.
  • Cost Savings: By outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider, your business can reduce your ongoing IT costs. You won’t need to hire and train in-house IT staff and are less likely to have to invest in expensive hardware and software or deal with unexpected IT bills.
  • IT Experts On Hand: Having a Managed IT service provider gives you access to highly skilled IT professionals when you need their help. Our team has a wealth of experience in every area of IT, from network design and implementation to cybersecurity and cloud computing.
  • Responsive IT Support: Knowing that quality IT support is a short phone call or message away brings so much peace of mind. If issues do arise, downtime and disruption are minimised, and we aim for first-call resolutions.
  • Preemptive Maintenance: We provide support to many of our Managed IT clients. And guess what? They don’t call us often because we’ve already done a great job maintaining their systems, so things don’t go wrong.

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How does it work?

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We’ll call you to better understand your needs so we can tailor a cost-effective strategy that best suits your budget and goals.

#2 Managed IT Services Roadmap

Based on your business requirements, we’ll develop a custom Managed IT Services roadmap that best suits your business needs.

#3 Implementation & Delivery

We take care of everything. You get peace of mind knowing that your business is partnered with a highly responsive managed IT services team who will ensure your systems are at their best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Addressing issues on a ‘break-fix’ basis, or working with different IT providers who don’t communicate well, can be costly and extremely frustrating.

Having your services fully managed by one reliable provider prevents many issues from arising. You’ll also have one point of contact and a team who understands your IT infrastructure. 

Poorly managed IT systems often result in:    

  • Security Breaches: If your systems are not maintained, and no one is monitoring your network security, you leave your business open for cyber attacks, which can result in costly data breaches or interruptions.
  • Downtime & Inefficiency: If your IT systems are letting you down, it’s hard to get anything done, which results in decreased productivity and time wasted troubleshooting issues.
  • Compliance Issues: Meeting your industry compliance standards is vital, and technology plays a big part in this. Having an IT team to help you adhere to rules and regulations can avoid fines, breaches and legal issues. 
  • Unexpected Costs: Maintaining your systems properly can avoid big ‘break/fix’ bills, as well as the costs of breaches, downtime and compliance issues.

Managed IT support and traditional IT support are delivered in different ways. Traditional IT support works on a ‘break/fix’ basis, meaning that if something goes wrong or you need to implement new technology, you must pay per project or repair.

Managed IT support is ongoing support delivered for a fixed fee with clear service level agreements in place.

You’ll have a team who ensures that your systems are running smoothly at all times and a responsive helpdesk when needed. This prevents expensive repairs and keeps your technology working for you.

Most IT companies can take care of a range of services, including: 

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Management
  • Networking & Data Point Patching
  • VoIP & Telephony Phone Systems & PBX Support
  • Microsoft 365 Cloud Migrations (On-Prem & Off Prem)
  • Email Security Monitoring
  • Networking, Wireless & VPN Auditing & Design
  • Hardware Procurement
  • Vendor Management
  • User Account Administration (Azure & Active Directory)
  • Data Storage Solutions
  • ACL User Permissions Management

We will organise a regular maintenance schedule with you, which is reflected in our SLA. Often, work can be done remotely, but we’ll organise any on-premise visits required well in advance.

In terms of monitoring, we have many systems in place to keep a close eye on your system performance and security, which means we can respond quickly to any issue that may arise.

We have a 24/7 helpdesk available every day of the year. When we create your managed plan, we’ll determine clear SLA response times to best suit your business needs.

We are dedicated to being highly responsive, and our team can provide you with the assistance you require in an emergency. 

We have 24/7 support available, but we appreciate that non-urgent requests are made during standard business hours where possible.

No, the two can work simultaneously together, provided there is sufficient communication and clear expectations of who is responsible for what areas.

Managed IT Services Melbourne

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