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Our Voice and Phone solutions mean that you don’t need to be in the office to get your calls. We can integrate your landline with your mobile phone, tablet or PC, so wherever you find yourself, your calls come with you. From simple features through to complex outbound call centre capabilities, Windstil has a system that will meet your needs.

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Hybrid Cloud Phones

We utilise Broadsoft, Microsoft Teams and Webex to ensure that your business has reliable, multi-function cloud phone connectivity at all times.



PBX to Cloud

If you are still using outdated PBX technology, we can help your business make the move to a cost effective cloud phone system that offers complex call functionality.

Keep up the conversation with reliable technology

We understand that the reliability of your communications is paramount in business. We use a combination of Broadsoft, Microsoft Teams and Webex to ensure you have continual access to your calls and features.

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In today’s fast-paced, hybrid working world, staying connected with customers and clients is crucial. 

The primary mode of communication for most businesses is telephony, but traditional telephony systems often lack the necessary tools to truly understand and optimise this vital aspect of their operations.


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Remove the need for capital investment in technology that ages, instead pay for seamless communication regardless of the device or location of the user.

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Upgrade to a seamless Business Cloud Phone solution with Windstil.

#2 Reduce Your Costs
Reduce your overall costs by using cloud telephony for your business communications.
#3 Enjoy Increased Functionality

Collaborate and connect with call forwarding, video calling and screen sharing.

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