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The cost of losing your data, just isn’t worth it

Businesses today centre around data and online systems and losing access to either means that your business stops. When you understand how important your data is, it makes sense to ensure it is protected from loss, theft and natural disasters. Data loss can lead to business downtime, financial loss and reputational loss.

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Backup & Recovery


Protect Your Data

Data Backup

We provide a complete range of Data Backup Solutions to protect your business in the event of data loss, a data breach or disaster.


Data Loss Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Our team can help you to recover your data rapidly in the event of data loss, ensuring your business is able to keep running.


Cloud Backup

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud Backup solutions are scalable, secure and give you control of a dedicated cloud backup environment for your business.

Cloud Backup

Public Cloud

We offer cost effective, reliable and scalable Public Cloud backup, giving you peace of mind in the event of a data loss, breach or disaster.

Customised Backup

Hybrid Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud Backup solutions take a customised approach to data backup that combines cloud and on-premise solutions to best meet your business needs.


On-Premise Backup

Public Cloud

We can help your business manage On-Premise Backups, and recommend off-premise solutions for complete protection of your data.

How long can you afford to be down while your data is restored?

The cost of having your IT systems down, or being unable to access your data, can be disastrous to your business. Windstil understand this, and ensure that your Recovery Time Objective aligns with your business goals.

Windstil Provides back up solutions that ensure your business continuity.

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We will assess your needs and plan for business continuity in the event of data loss or breach.

#3 Rest Assured

Working with Windstil means that your data is in safe hands, and that your business will recover quickly in the event of data loss.

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