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Dedicated Business Internet

Reliable internet isn’t a maybe, it’s a must

Your business relies on the internet. As an integral part of your communications and daily processes, there is absolutely no room for systems to go down. Inconsistent signal quality, dropouts that lead to downtime and lost productivity that comes from spending hours on the phone troubleshooting isn’t helping your business to thrive.

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Business Internet


Fibre Business Internet

Dedicated Fibre Plans

High performance, resilient fibre internet capable of meeting the demands of bandwith intensive usage. Secure, high speed and reliable connectivity for your business.


NBN Business Internet

NBN Business Plans

Connect to one of our NBN Business Plans for fast, unlimited, cost effective internet that will suit the needs of small and medium businesses.

Complete connectivity solutions

Windstil work with you to understand what your business goals are, and ensure that you have the optimal internet service to keep all of your systems running, including Cloud phones, POS, data back up and security.

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Quality business internet, simplified.

#1 Talk To Us
Let’s discuss your business internet needs, and establish the best options to support you.
#2 Customised Connectivity
We will create a customised and cost effective connectivity plan to meet your business needs.
#3 Goodbye to Downtime
Our connectivity solutions offer maximum uptime, which means you can say goodbye to managing downtime.

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Providing quality, tailored business connectivity services

We provide businesses with high quality, high speed internet solutions that rise to the challenges of the business environment.