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Windstill Speak at the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit

Congratulations to our Operations Manager, Josh Pitts who was selected to be a Panellist for the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2017.

Josh was one of three IT professionals selected from Melbourne’s IT service provider business community to sit on this panel. He discussed and field questions from the audience of other managed service providers on the challenges of transitioning traditional IT service organisations to a cloud centric business model.

It’s never easy standing up in front of your peers and answering questions on what can be some quite complex questions and business issues facing

IT service providers currently; however, Josh took it in his stride and provided some great insights and feedback. Well done from all the Windstil team, and well done to the team at Ingram Micro for facilitating this event and provide the opportunity for IT Service providers to exchange ideas and experiences.

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