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Get More From Your Remote Or Hybrid Workforce

Get more from your remote or hybrid workforce

There is a new standard of telephony that gives businesses owners and managers the capability to perform status checks on how they’re staff are performing. Business leaders should have access to how many calls their teams are doing, when certain resources are available to take calls, and 24/7 visibility over the productivity of their entire team – no matter the location.

This not only gives business owners and managers certainty that their people are doing what they’re supposed to do, it also allows them to make broader business decisions about the operational efficiency of their organisation as a whole.

Traditional phone systems simply give you nothing – no visibility, no team accountability. This lack of certainty means businesses are resistant to hybrid working structures, negatively impacting staff morale and culture and putting a halt on hiring regional (or global) resources that can only work remotely.

Modern telephony can provide you with all of this, and more. You should expect things like:

  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Call Recording and Monitoring
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Presence Management
  • Integration Capability

Hybrid work, when done right with the aid of telephony technology, offers a promising solution. It’s more than just a compromise between office and remote work, it’s a strategy that can enhance productivity and accountability.

Explore more about the new standard of telephony in our latest Telephony Transformation eGuide.

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