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Are Power Surges and Outages Costing You Money?


We are more reliant on electricity today than ever before, it underpins just about everthing we do in the office. Electricity runs everything our workforce relies upon to remain productive – from the routers and switches that provide the office network and phones through to the servers that store the business critical business data they utilise.

This reliance begs the question – how do we ensure that the energy supply we are consuming remains reliable and safe to our equipment and infrastructure?

The short answer is – by installing a UPS.

Why a UPS?

In general, a UPS is designed to protect equipment and other electrical loads from power supply issues by solving the following three major problems:

  1. Damage to equipment caused by surges, spikes, and dips
    Eaton UPSes continually monitor and condition incoming power to remove damaging surges, spikes, and dips to ensure that sensitive equpiment is not damaged should an issue occur.
  2. Data loss and corruption due to power outages
    Devices that are subjected to a hard system shutdown due to a power failure can suffer from data corruption or even complete data loss as a result.  An Eaton UPS can interface with this equipment to facilitate a graceful shutdown to prevent these issues from occuring.
  3. Network and system unavailability due to power outages
    The runtime of a UPS can be variably configured to provide enough battery backup power to ride through a brief outage, to providing hours of runtime to keep systems operational through an extended power outage.  In mission critical situaions, UPSes can also be used in conjuction with a generator to ensure around-the-clock uptime.

What is the health of your existing UPS?

You may already have a UPS installed, but do you know if it’s functioning optimally?  UPSes wear out over time, especially the batteries.  If you haven’t tested it recently, you may be at risk.

If your UPS was installed more than 3 years ago, a battery and runtime test needs to be performed to determine if the device still meets the needs of your business.

We recommend that an regular testing schedule is established to ensure the unit is still up to the task and satifies any disaster recovery or business continuity requirements you may have.

If you’re interest in a free review of your power management requirements, please email [email protected].

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