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Addressing Cyber Security Challenges for Australian Business

Windstil’s Proactive Cyber Security Solutions

Windstil takes a proactive approach to protecting customers from cybercrime and empowers them to demonstrate a robust cyber security stance to their stakeholders. We have assisted numerous companies in implementing and maintaining the Essential Eight Cyber Security Framework.

Benefits of the Essential Eight Framework

The “Essential Eight Maturity Model” is a subset of the eight most important strategies of the thirty-seven “Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents” as identified by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). These strategies are all designed to strengthen the digital defenses of small and medium-sized businesses. The Essential Eight provides a pragmatic and actionable roadmap to enhance cyber security posture effectively.

For businesses seeking to safeguard their operations and data, the Essential Eight Cyber Security Framework offers a structured approach for the strategies to mitigate syber security incidents. Its benefits extend beyond security, enhancing overall business resilience and readiness for new technologies such as AI.

Expertise and Certification

Windstil are experts at implementing all maturity levels of the Essential Eight Maturity Model and have recently achieved the ACSC / TAFE Cyber Essential Eight “Assessors” certification. This certification, in addition to our technical competencies, ensures we are well-equipped to secure customers’ digital assets properly against current and emerging threats.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Support

We further assist customers by developing Information Security Policies, Cyber Incident Response Plans, and ICT Disaster Recovery Plans. These measures help maintain a strong cyber security stance and guide response and recovery from cyber incidents. Upon completion, we provide an audit report outlining all implemented security controls and administrative practices, enabling customers to easily present evidence to regulators and stakeholders.

Cost-Effective Implementation

We streamline the commercial investment into small, staged implementation milestones, removing the financial barrier businesses often face when aiming for strong risk-based approach to cyber security. We develop implementation plans that fit within organization’s budgets, ensuring a cost-effective approach to enhancing cyber security.


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